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For any director or business owner, the prospect of having to deal with a struggling company is not only worrying and stressful but also something that each director will regularly put off dealing with until it is too late to do anything other than wind it up.

There are a number of potential strategies for dealing with a company which has fallen in to cash flow crisis and at DIP we will explain these to you in full at a free initial meeting where the insolvency practitioner will sit down with you and talk through all of the strengths and weaknesses of the different options so that you can make a reasoned decision.

The first step is to contact us and make an appointment.

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    We aim to secure the best solutions in a timely, efficient and most effective manner. Before we can help you we need to find out what stage your company is at. Our guide will ensure that we find out exactly your position and the best way to go forward.
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    We're experts in a number of procedures that include administration, liquidation, restructuring, bankruptcy and starting up again. Once we know what stage you are at, we can help put you in the right direction.
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    Get in touch with our experienced team of lawyers who can start to put the wheels in motion with you.
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Our office is in Hessle, (Hull), East Yorkshire, but we are well placed to serve any business in the North of England and will travel to meet you.

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